Hypnobirthing SOLO Course (English language – women only)

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A practical hypnobirthing course for women-only to prepare lovingly for the birth of their baby.



A practical hypnobirthing course for women to prepare lovingly for the birth of their baby.

Learn how to have to right mind-set for a positive birth.
Join us during this practical and insightful course where you will learn how to breathe through the contractions, how to go through a positive pushing stage, how to keep a strong mind-set, how to release fears or anxieties, how to avoid stress, how to get back in focus when you experience stress during birth, how to grow in confidence and trust your body, baby, your birthing partner and the team. We also teach birthing positions and provide you with a beautiful practise folder, birth plan and exercise sheets. In short: all you  need for a positive and loving experience of birth.

Registration includes a range of hypnobirthing audio sessions, an e-book and a few informative videos to start your preparation.


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