Hypnobirthing training for professionals

2-day hypnobirthing training for birth professions

do you want to help birthing women with hypnobirthing?

2-day hypnobirthing training for birth professionals

To be able to help a woman at birth is such a rewarding experience but often enough we ‘lose’ her as her mind-set get in the way.

Would you like to learn how to use hypnobirthing tools to implement at any birth? Help her get her focus back?

Register now for this practical, hands-on and informative training and learn how to guide and/or coach even more efficient at birth, regardless if this is a homebirth of hospital birth.

The birthing woman’s mind-set is important in supporting the natural birthing process. Stress, fear and anxiety at birth can delay or stagnate the birthing process. Learn how to guide a stressed woman back into focus.

Who is it for?

This training is specifically geared to birth professionals such as midwives, obstetrics nurses, obstetricians, general practicioners, doulas and other birth professionals.



Content of the hypnobirthing training

Day 1: Hypnosis exercises (theory and practical exercises) and hypnobirthing exercises (theory and practical exercises). 
Day 2: A range of different techniques to implement the hypnobirthing tools at any birth.

During these two days you will learn more about the power of the brain and how you can in a practical and easy way help the birthing mother even more during the birthing process.

It is not necessary for the birthing mother to have followed a hypnobirthing course. You will learn for instance what an ANCHOR is and how you can support her even more with existing anchors.

We will also share and practise a range of different relaxation exercises and let you experience everything surrounding hypnobirthing.

Our goal is to use hypnobirthing so a birthing mother can experience birth in a more relaxed and positieve way regardless of the type of birth.

training for professionals

Learn in 2-day how to implement hypobirthing tools at any birth


Receive a certificate: Hypnobirthing Birth Professional

professional hypnobirthing training for birth professionals

Hypnobirthing content

Learn all about hypnosis, mind-set and how to guide efficiently at any birth

practical and hands-on

Mostly practical exercises to understand all about the power of hypnobirthing

Thursday 22 November + Friday 23 November 2018 – Algarve – Portugal

I was feeling very panicky and tense about giving birth and had a genuine fear. When I went to the workshop it was a like a breath of fresh air being with our Mucha Mama Teacher who was so positive about birthing and really made me feel like I could do it. I instantly felt much better about giving birth and felt empowered by the techniques given to me. Before doing hypnobirth I wanted to have full pain relief but I went on to have a wonderful birth. I got to the hospital at 10cms dilated and I had my daughter with no pain relief or tears an hour later.’

Sophia Smythe Davis

Your hypnobirthing teachers

madelon hypnobirthing teacher

Madelon Cabrita

Mum-preneur, hypnobirthing specialist, Mucha Mama regional manager Portugal and co-trainer of Hypnobirthing for birth professionals

Helianthe Rusken

Clinical hypnotherapist, hypnobirthing specialist, trainer, author of hypnobirthing book and founder of Mucha Mama