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We specialise in hypnobirthing courses, training, talks and products. We are located in Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, and soon in Thailand, Curacao and Ibiza. We have over 16 years of experience on how to guide couples and professionals to getting the most out of their mind-set to make birth a more positive experience.   

Official training for professionals include certifcation.

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take charge of your birth

A practical hypnobirthing course for couples to prepare lovingly for the birth of their baby.

Learn how to have to right mind-set for a positive birth. Join us during this practical and insightful course where you will learn how to keep a strong mind-set, how to release fears or anxieties, how to avoid stress, how to get back in focus when you experience stress during birth, how to grow in confidence and trust your body, baby, your birthing partner and the team. In short: all you both need for a positive and loving experience of birth.


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I was feeling very panicky and tense about giving birth and had a genuine fear. When I went to the workshop it was a like a breath of fresh air being with our Mucha Mama Teacher who was so positive about birthing and really made me feel like I could do it. I instantly felt much better about giving birth and felt empowered by the techniques given to me. Before doing hypnobirth I wanted to have full pain relief but I went on to have a wonderful birth. I got to the hospital at 10cms dilated and I had my daughter with no pain relief or tears an hour later.’


Sophia Smythe Davis

2-day Hypnobirthing training for Birth Professionals

Certificated 2-day training to use the powerful tools of hypnobirthing for any birth. Taking place on 22 + 23 November 2018, Algarve, Portugal

€ 395

The two-day training for birth professionals has helped me to understand the power of my language during birth and how to easier guide a birthing woman towards her own inner strength and trust. This is making my job even more enjoyable. Thank you!
hypnobirth baby
Mary Stanton

Hypnobirthing products

Powerful hypnobirthing MP3 packages to help pregnant women to prepare for a better birth.

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Hypnobirthing Eliminate Fear package

Three powerful hypnobirthing mp3 downloads to reduce stress and release fear surrounding your birth.

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Hypnobirthing starter package

Three powerful hypnobirthing mp3 downloads to prepare for a positive birth.

From 3 cm to birth in 1 hour! I sat on a yoga ball and delivered standing up going from 3 cm to delivering in one hour! It was a wondeful experience. Thanks again for your lovely downloads. I'd recommend them to anybody.

Babymoon hypnobirthing holiday in Portugal

Learn all about hypnobirthing and prepare together for the birth of your baby during a holiday in Portugal in the Algarve.